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We use a variety of strategies to purchase, improve, and then sell them for a profit.  We consider ourselves “problem solvers”.  We can help people who may need to sell a home quickly because they’ve moved, lost a job and can’t afford payments, can’t afford the repairs needed, or even facing foreclosure.  We can work with the seller to find a solution that meets their needs.  Some of these are traditional strategies like simply buying the home directly from the seller.  We also at times can take over the payments on the mortgage, or work with the bank on a short sale, or work with the seller on an equity partnership to fix and sell the house for a profit as a team.  We also at times offer seller financing on some of our properties for sale.

Whatever strategy/solution we come up with will be fully explained to the seller and we make sure it solves their problem/concerns.  We want to make sure that every deal makes both parties involved happy and satisfied with the deal.

We live here in Hickory, NC and plan to remain here as long as it’s God’s plan for us.  We are involved in the community and will never do anything to tarnish our reputation in the community.  If you’re thinking of selling a property, or know someone who is, please contact us.

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